I regret that it has taken me so long to add Autumn’s story to “All The Dogs In My Life”.  But
better late than never, I always say.

Autumn actually came to live with us in the Fall of 2012 … Just a little over six years ago.  
After we lost our April earlier that year, we no longer had a Chinese Crested in our lives.  I
missed my April, Angel, and their Mom, DeeDee so much.  But neither one of us was ready to
adopt right away.  As time went on, we wanted to bring another Chinese Crested into the
family.  This time we wanted to rescue one who really needed a safe home.  I wasn’t able to
locate a rescue in the area right away so I accepted the fact it would take some time to find
just the right one.  I have a very good friend in England who is involved in world-wide Chinese
Crested rescue.  I emailed her quite regularly and one day I mentioned we were looking for
another baby who needed us.  She wrote back and said she had some information on two
powderpuff girls in need of a home and they were at a rescue right here in Florida.  

She didn’t send me any pictures at first but asked me if I was really serious about adopting.  I
talked it over with John and he agreed that we needed to rescue these girls.  So the next day I
received the pictures of Autumn and a 6-month old pup named Shelly.  They looked so thin and
forlorn in the first pictures and we knew we had to bring them home.  I contacted the
breeder/rescue where they were living and made arrangements to meet them at a dog show
the lady was going to attend on the weekend.  She would bring them to the show but wouldn’t be
allowed to release them until the following week due to show regulations about conducting
business at the show site.

We met Autumn and Shelly that weekend and without hesitation agreed to the adoption, even
after Autumn decided to pee on my purse that was sitting on the ground.  Was that her way of
getting my attention?  

The following week we met them halfway between our home and theirs and picked up the girls
and took them home to meet the rest of the pack.  All went smoothly and the pack finally had
another leader.  Autumn was a very small fireball in a 6-pound body who decided she would rule
our home and our hearts.

Over time she decided she was John’s and John’s alone (unless I entered the room with food in
my bowl).  He nicknamed her “ShockaZula” and she’s known by that name to this day.  He calls
her his little warrior.  
The first picture we saw of Autumn sent
by my friend in England
Pictures that I took at our first meeting
Autumn and "Shelly" at our first meeting
Autumn after moving into our home
Autumn a couple of years after moving in with us
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Published December 18, 2018