When I first started thinking about writing
Sarah's Story, I realized that there is no
way that Sarah can be separated from her
sister, Holly.  I truly believe they are
actually one dog in two different bodies.  I
guess they can be described as a "matched
set" or Siamese Twins.  So their stories will
also have to be told as one.

Sarah and Holly are Jack Russell Terriers
-- sisters from the same litter.  Sarah is a
longhaired Jack Russell like her mother, and
Holly has smooth hair like her father.  They
really don't look alike at all, but to watch
them one would swear they are joined
together by some type of invisible line.  
They play together, they sleep together,
and they even walk around together.  If one
of them is running across the yard, the
other will be running right along side of her.

My daughter, Shelly, is a Jack Russell
Terrier breeder and rescuer.  Her dog,
Bailey, gave birth to eight puppies on
November 5, 2000.  Mom, John, and I
happened to be visiting her the Sunday that
the puppies arrived.  I don't think I ever
saw that many puppies come out of a dog as
small as Bailey.  All eight of them seemed to
be very healthy but one of them was
exceptionally small compared to her
siblings.  At the time I didn't think this
tiny baby would make it, but Shelly said she
would feed her supplemental feedings by
bottle until she was stronger.  Shelly
presented us with a special gift on
Christmas Day, 2000.  That was the day
Sarah became ours.

A week after Sarah came to live with us,
Shelly and Nick planned to take a short
vacation.  All the puppies had gone to new,
permanent homes except one.  Shelly asked
if the pup they named "Noel" could stay
with us for a few days.  We picked her up
and Sarah was very happy to be with her
sister once again.  The name "Noel" just
didn't seem to work for me.  I was
constantly finding myself saying "NO,
NOEL" or just calling her name with her
thinking I was telling her "NO", so the name
"Noel" had to go.  I spoke with Shelly on
the phone and told her about my dilemma.  
She said to change it but it had to be a
Christmas name because Noel was a
Christmas puppy.  Nick suggested HOLLY,
so Noel's new name became Holly.  At the
same time, Holly was given a new, permanent
home -- our home.  We saw how Sarah and
Holly interacted with each other, and it
would have been cruel to separate them

Holly has grown up to be a very elegant
Jack Russell.  If she were a person, I could
actually imagine her sitting with her legs
crossed, sipping tea out of a little cup.  
Actually, neither Sarah nor Holly display
the traits of a true Jack Russell Terrier.  
Rather than bounce off the walls, they
prefer to just lie on the sofa and cuddle
with whoever is sitting there or just with
each other.  Either way, they will always be
found together.

Sarah and Holly and very important
members of our family and I hope to have
many more memory-making years with them.  
After all, what could be better than
receiving doggie kisses on both cheeks at
the same time?
HOLLY - 2003