THE PUPPY THAT NOBODY WANTED

Jennie is a very tiny Jack Russell Terrier.  She is, in fact, Sarah and Holly’s
baby sister, having the same parents.

She was born in late Summer, 2004.  Her littermates found permanent
homes as soon as they were old enough.  It seems that no one wanted
Jennie.  It may have been her dwarf size that discouraged people from
giving her a home, or it might have been the ears.  Jack Russells are
supposed to have ears that turn down and flop over.  Jennie’s ears stand
straight up and she has already been mistaken for a Chihuahua on two
occasions in the one week that she has lived with us.  In any event, others
may think she’s “ugly”, but we have found that her loving personality by far
makes up for the way she looks.

Jennie is actually a carbon copy of her big sister, Sarah.  Looking back,
Sarah was also very small and looked pretty much the same as Jennie does
now.  Sarah did eventually grow up and become a beautiful Jack Russell.  I
just have the feeling that Jennie will follow in her sister’s footprints.

We met Jennie for the first time on Christmas Day, 2004, when we went to
Shelly’s house for dinner.  She was scooting around trying to get attention,
and she definitely got John’s attention.  When it was time to go home that
evening, John decided we had to take her home and give her a chance at a
good life, even though we both agreed that we would not bring anymore
dogs home for the time being.  I believe we made the right decision
because Jennie fits right into our family (even though some people think we
both need to have our heads examined having 17 dogs living with us.  
Sometimes I think we need to have our heads examined, but actually they
are all clean, very well behaved dogs that get along well together.  They
really make our lives complete.)  I won’t mention the fact that when I
peeked around the corner into the living room this morning, John had Jennie
on his lap and was actually talking “baby talk” to her.  (Ooops, I wasn’t going
to mention that.)

So Jennie will live out her life with us, her two sisters, and the rest of our
little clan.  The important thing is that she finally has a permanent home
where she will be cared for and loved, Chihuahua ears and all.

Please check back when the 2005 pictures are being published to watch
Jennie grow up.   
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