Once again it’s time for another update. This will be the very first update page done with WordPress, and I must admit I’m still trying to learn the ins and outs of the WordPress platform. My other update pages from the past will remain as they were originally published and you may visit them from the links provided in the Index, but please close the tab to return to the new site when finished.

Sadly we lost two more of our beloved pups since the last update. Our dear Annie made her journey to Rainbow Bridge in August of 2021. Max joined his sister, Amber, in Heaven this year right after New Years. A memorial tribute has been written for both of them and can be accessed by clicking on the links embedded in their names. Please return to this page after visiting their memorial pages.


Always such a happy girl
This was taken a few days before we had to say goodbye


Our handsome boy’s face turned almost completely white
Max developed a large wart on his forehead. The vet said the only way to remove it was surgery and Max wasn’t a candidate for surgery due to his age. I treated it myself and eventually closed it a bit.
This was Max’s final photo on the way to the vet’s office for the last time
Max is reunited with his sister at Rainbow Bridge
Max and Amber together for their 18th birthday!

We now have four beautiful girls left in our home. Once again the links to their individual stories are embedded in their names.


Shelby is now our oldest at 10 years of age. She has a very mellow, sweet personality. Her most favorite thing to do is to sit with us on the sofa and have her belly rubbed.


Our girl, Pepper, is just a couple of months behind Shelby at 10 years old. Pepper has a tendency to want to “mother” everyone. She loves balls and squeaky toys. When she’s ready to take a nap, she always looks for someone to be her “pillow”. Complete happiness means resting her head on one of us in order to fall asleep.


Lexi is still our little “ham” who came to live with us a little over 4 years ago. We estimate her age to be around 6 or 7. Her broken jaw which she arrived with hasn’t given her any problems whatsoever. Her tongue hangs out of the left side of her mouth because her jaw is very crooked. We never realized just how much she drooled until we had our carpeted floors replaced with polished tile. Now I find myself mopping the floor every night to remove the “drool” spots. I don’t mind at all. She is well worth every drop of drool. 🙂


A year ago we noticed that Bella was licking the bottom of her foot quite often. Upon checking it, we noticed a growth was coming out of the side of one of her footpads. We took her to the vet who made the decision that it should be removed immediately. The growth was sent to the lab and was determined to be Melanoma, a very aggressive cancer. Fortunately the vet feels he was able to remove the entire growth. He suggested that Bella be taken in for a complete body scan every 6 months just to be on the safe side to make sure the cancer hadn’t spread. So far she has been in for 2 body scans and thankfully both have come back clear.

Bella spent the early part of her life in a puppy mill producing puppies. Fortunately a wonderful rescue removed her from the horrible conditions she was living in. The vet estimates her age to be around 7 or 8.

A few more pictures of my little sweetheart…

Two New Family Arrivals

Meet Shelly and RJ’s new pup….Great Dane, Jack

This is Jeff and Nicole’s new pup…..Pomsky, Shiloh


I think that Bella knew Max would be leaving for Rainbow Bridge soon.