Dogs have had a very important roll in the history of mankind.  In the early days the dog would help its master hunt for food and provide warmth with its own body on cold nights in a cave.  Many early cultures worshipped certain breeds of dogs and considered them to be Gods of some type.  Statues of dogs guarded Egyptian tombs of kings.  Many dogs were mummified and sent into the next world to be with their masters.

In today’s culture, dogs are playing even more important rolls.  Canine companions have fought in wars and have become heroes.  Most police agencies have dogs on the police force.  Dogs are used to detect bombs and drugs that might otherwise go undetected and cause great harm.  Search and rescue dogs have saved the lives of many and, unfortunately, aided in providing closure for friends and relatives by finding remains of victims that would otherwise never be found.  Dogs have aided the blind and the handicapped.  They have provided consolation for those grieving and afflicted. Therapy dogs have put smiles on the faces of many that felt they had no reason to ever smile again.

Then there are the companion dogs whose only purpose in life is to please their people parents. They are dedicated and loyal and will give unconditional love no matter what.   These are All the Dogs in My Life.  This Website will tell all their stories.  Please come back often as new pictures will be added regularly.

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