Reno’s Story

In Loving Memory of Reno
7/19/95 — 6/2/11

My sweet boy, you didn’t come to live with us until your later years, but you brought so much joy into our home. You loved your tennis ball and even insisted on taking it to bed with you at night.  You loved all your pack mates even though many of them would never give you a moment’s peace, always pulling your beautiful long, white fur.  

As you grew older, it was evident that you had a lot of pain from arthritis, but you never complained.  You took it all in stride and accepted it and lived your life to the fullest. Age caused you other problems too.  You got lost so many times.  You remembered you had to go out to the yard, but then you would wander around, forgetting how to find your way back to the house. Your best friend, Benji, would go to the yard and lead you back in.  Benji will miss you.  For the last 6 months I had to feed you your meals with a spoon and you loved it.  I never minded doing that for you.

We had to leave you with your wonderful vet when we traveled to Michigan to attend three graduations.  Apparently you made the decision to leave for the Bridge while we were gone.  I believe you wanted to spare us the hard decision we would have had to make for you, so you took over and made the decision by yourself.  I only regret that we weren’t with you to say goodbye.

But you knew that we would never really say goodbye.  I know in my heart you are with us always.  Your memory is safe within our hearts, my beautiful White Dog.

Reno’s original story continues below.

Shelly moved to Florida in the fall of 1995.  She had been “petless” for such a long time and decided she wanted to get a white Persian kitten to share her new home.  She checked out a few pet shops and couldn’t find a white kitten.  Then one day she walked into the mall pet shop, and there he was.  It was an American Eskimo puppy who managed to steal her heart.

Shelly did a lot of traveling when she first moved to Florida.  Little Reno was practically raised at our home.  Our house offered what he didn’t have at Shelly’s – a large fenced yard to run in and other doggie companions to play with.  Serena (See Serena’s Story) joined us a few months after Reno.  The two puppies really enjoyed being together.  It was fun watching them play tug-of-war with an old sock.  This was their favorite game.

Reno traveled back and forth between Shelly’s house and our house for the first 6 years of his life.  After all, what are “grandparents” for?  He was very definitely our “granddoggie”.  In December of 2000 Shelly got married and moved to a new home.  Reno apparently was allergic to something in the home or in the backyard.  His little footpads started to break out in a rash that just wouldn’t clear up.  When it got to the point where his feet started bleeding on a regular basis, Shelly asked if he could stay with us for a few weeks to see whether his feet would heal.  Of course we told her he could.  Sure enough, after a few weeks his pads healed and he didn’t have any other problems.  However, as soon as he was taken back home, the problem redeveloped.  Even the vet was unable to determine the cause.  So, Reno became a permanent resident with Shelly coming to visit him at our home.  The source of his allergies was never discovered.

Reno is now going on 11 years old.  He is very healthy but still seems to have a seasonal allergy to something in our backyard.  Like clockwork, twice a year we go through a period of itching, leg biting, and bald spots.  Fortunately it usually responds to a cortisone injection given by the vet. Other than this, Reno is a very happy and well-adjusted little guy.

Reno is very sweet and loving — so much so that I don’t really mind the balls of white fur that decorate my house during shedding season.  This would be a good time for a short haircut.  After all, Eskimos in Florida?



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