All Pictures on this Page were Taken in February, 2008
(Pronounced ZO-EE)

(Zoe lives with our daughter and her family)
Zoe is an English Bulldog
Zoe tries to figure out out to get the squeaky
toy from a sleeping Bailey
Zoe and Angel
My last picture page revealed the October 5 sudden back surgery that was needed for Max.  I was quite
worried when he began to really drag his right rear leg a week or so after the surgery.  It was almost as if
he didn't even know he had a right rear leg.
I am very happy to report that Max has now recovered much more than 100%.  In fact, now I am worried
that this little weenie dog has grown wings.  He is literally flying on and off the furniture once again, and I
am trying my very best to discourage this.  Weenies are not supposed to jump like this.  But he doesn't seem
to know that he's a "weenie".  He's trying to be a Jack Russell with endless energy.
On December 7, 2007 my sweet Min Pin, Serena, had to be rushed to the Emergency Clinic late at night
because she couldn't breathe normally.  We were told at the clinic that she may not last through the night.  
They kept her on oxygen throughout the night and transferred her to our vet in the morning.  She was given
high doses of Lasex to remove all the fluid from her lungs.  
The final diagnosis is Congestive Heart Failure.
Unfortunately, there is no cure for this.  She is now on a new heart medication that is giving her a very
good quality of life.  She also takes a Lasex tablet once a day, or as often as needed if she has a bad day.  
Thankfully, there aren't too many "bad days".
We hope and pray that Serena will be with us for a long time yet as she receives all the loving care that we
can give her.  
Whenever our grandchildren come to visit, we have a few "babysitters" ready to take over.  Here is Rylee
with her favorite "sitters", Angel, Reno, and Rusty
For this "Role Call" section, I am including their current age as well as the link (embedded in their name) to
their very first story page for anyone who may want a "refresher".  If you visit their original story, please
press the "back" button on your browser to return to this page.  
BAILEY - (Age 9) Mother to Sarah,
Holly, and Jennie
HOLLY - (Age 7)
JENNIE - (Age 3)
SARAH - (Age 7)
TUCKER AND RUSTY - The Brothers - (Age 5)
DUSTY - (Age 14)
TARA - (Age 15 1/2)
BENJI - (Age 12)
RENO - (Age 13)
DEE DEE - (Age 11) Mother to April and Angel
ANGEL - (Age 7)
APRIL - (Age 7)
MAX AND AMBER - (Age 4)  Brother and Sister
SERENA - (Age 12)
Serena just can't seem to be able to sleep unless she steals something that belongs to me.  Here she is with
my shoe and an old shirt, two of many things she calls her own.
Secrets between sisters.
Resting on a warm, sunny day in the cool sand.
Angel trying to find Dad behind the closed door.
Squeaky toys in the act again!
On the Road Again
This time to Gatlinburg, Tennessee
and the Smoky Mountains

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